You’re the first beardless dwarf of your people. As dwarves worship their beards, you’ve always been excluded. Remembering childhood tales, you’ve decided to take a journey after the Holystone, a magical stone that can grant any wish. You’re going to get yourself your beard at any cost.

Inspired by: The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit and Puzzles

Made during JimJam

Game Controls:

  • Arrow Keys to move
  • Enter to accept

Game Help:
Each time you use your pickaxe it loses 1 point of durability, you need Ores to repair it. You can find Ores inside rocks. If your pickaxe gets to 0 points of durability, it will break and you will lose the game and get a point punishment. All enemies kill you instantly, be aware.

Menu Help:
•Fix 10 pickaxe with 10 ore: you use 10 of your Ores to increase the pickaxe durability in 10
•Reflect about the journey: the character talks about why he is in this journey and tell a little about his life.
•Look at the map: Tutorial and Tips.
•Give up: you stop exploring the cave and receive points based on how well you did.
•Sleep: Sometimes you will need to rest. You will receive a bonus or a punishment for the next floor based if you had a dream or nightmare. •Continue: continue your journey to the next floor.


Fanfare 03 - Fantasy Musica -

Game Over II - Joseph Gilbert / Kistol

Breakfast Blend - Dan Knoflicek

RPG Never Go Full Bard - HitCtrl



Mining Pick - spookymodem

Postive Sounds - remaxim

Fantasy Sound Effects Library - Little Robot Sound -

Impact - Iwan 'qubodup' Gabovitch

RPG Exploration - (The Black Temple) - HitCtrl



Stone Home Interior Tileset - Tyler Olsen and Jetrel

Moria Citadel Font – Rook543

Sky Backdrop – bart

LowPoly Cave Entrance - OrbitStudios, Fernando Ferreira

Dirty, burnt and light sand - qubodup

Bat Sprite - bagzie

Generic Items -

Minish Cap-ish tileset (FAIL) – KIIRA

3/4 view beetle - Stephen Challener (Redshrike), hosted by

Topdown Shooter -

Platformer Art Deluxe -

Dungeon Tileset - shortfoot38


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Really cool game! Just wondering: Did you design each floor, or is it procedurally generated?


I design almost every one, in some of them I did procedurally generated the floor layout and chose myself the elements positions. In other floors, I've copied things for the layout, I've used a Space Invaders enemy design as a map, a Pacman maze and I've also made a level Tetris inspired

That's really cool! I hope you keep making great games like this.